Maintenance Agreements

Why Is It Important To Have Routine Maintenance On My Heating & Cooling Equipment

Your Heating and Cooling equipment works very hard. In extreme temperatures, your equipment can start and stop up to eight times an hour. That’s equivalent to driving in town turning your car off and starting it at every traffic light.
Our trained technicians use digital meters to properly test the amps, ohms and voltage of your Heating and Cooling system. This allows them to monitor safeties along with other electrical components for proper operation. In most cases, a failing part may be detected and replaced before an emergency situation occurs.

Properly set gas pressure is very important to the life and operation of your gas furnace. Improper gas pressure can result in the furnace underfiring or overfiring. Our technicians use manometers to properly adjust the gas pressure according to the manufacturers’ specs.

It is very important to have the combustion set properly for the longevity and operation of your oil furnace. Improper combustion can result in underfiring or overfiring of the furnace along with soot buildup in the chimney causing a dangerous situation. Our technicians use digital combustion analyzers to properly fine-tune your oil furnace according to the manufacturers’ specs.

Dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling systems’ inefficiency and failure. To ensure energy efficient system operation, it is important to perform routine maintenance. Proper maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent future problems. (

An improperly charged air conditioner or heat pump unit will reduce the efficiency performance. A 20% undercharged unit results in a 21% reduction in the SEER while a 20% overcharged unit produces an 11% reduction in the SEER. (Texas A&M University)